S2 Ep 1: Mental health, adulting and using digitalization to manage personal finances, with Thamina Stoll

How can we better tackle mental health and well-being issues? What do people most struggle with while adulting? How can you use technology to better manage your life and personal finances?

In S2 Ep 1, I talk with Thamina Stoll, a digital native and vocal feminist, who helps young female professionals navigate the transition from college to the the real world. We talk about the most basic things that people struggle with while adulting and raising issues with mental health and personal well-being. We ponder on what organization and companies can do more to support employees beyond corporate well-being programs. In this episode, we dig deeper to explore the gaps when it comes to tackling the issue of diversity and inclusion in 2022.

We close the episode with insights on how technology and digitalization can help in different ways from increasing awareness to managing personal milestones and finances.


About Thamina Stoll:

Thamina Stoll works in Digital Advertising as a Client Solutions Manager at a well-known social media platform in New York City. In 2020, Thamina launched her own podcast  the “Femme Hive” to help young female professionals navigate the transition from college to the the real world. She is particularly passionate about sharing Personal Finance related content as she believes that economic empowerment is a crucial step towards gender equality. Thamina is a proud graduate of Duke University and a Bayern Munich fan.  

About Adya Kumar:
Adya is a tech enthusiast, engineer, project manager, and an inhouse consultant for a leading logistics company. She has a passion for solving problems through the use of technology and is a strong supporter of digitalization as an enabler to grow and sustain diversity in businesses.
In 2021, she founded “The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast” with the mission to create engagement and raise awareness on the power of Digitalization to improve Diversity. Through this platform, Adya shares insights, personal stories and digital journeys of diverse people. The podcast has been downloaded in over 50 countries across Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.
Adya has lived and worked in diverse environments in India, France, USA, UK and Germany and traveled to 40+ countries. Today, she calls Bonn (Germany) her home of choice.


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