S2 Ep 4: Coaching, mentoring and remote leadership, with Dr. Carolina Kleebaur

How diverse is the coaching space? How does coaching differ from mentoring and sponsoring? In the Future of Work, what is critical for remote leadership?

In S2 Ep 4 of “The Digitalization & Diversity” podcast , I had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Carolina Kleebaur, an executive coach, leadership trainer and top management advisor to dig deeper into the topic of coaching and remote leadership. During this episode, Carolina demystified many buzzwords used in the context of coaching – “leadership coaching”, “mindfulness coaching”, “success coaching”, “life coaching”, “systemic business coaching” and more. She also explained the concepts of mentoring and sponsoring and how she approaches coaching clients with diverse backgrounds, diverse ways of thinking and different personalities. 

We discussed deeper into the key struggles female managers and leaders in particular seek coaching for, and what is particularly important for remote leadership in the “Future of Work’.


About Dr. Carolina Kleebaur:
Dr. Carolina Kleebaur has over 20 years of experience as executive coach, leadership trainer and top management advisor with functional focus on good leadership, organizational excellence, reorganization and transformation. As a former Senior Manager in Consulting, she led international projects and teams all around Europe, Russia and the Middle East in various industries. Dr. Kleebaur has studied Sociology, Psychology and Communication Science and she did her doctorate in Organizational Sociology and Personal Psychology. Today, she incorporates this profound know-how to facilitate state-of-the art leadership trainings, systemic business coaching and effective team workshops.

About Adya Kumar:
Adya is a tech enthusiast, engineer, project manager, and an inhouse consultant for a leading logistics company. She has a passion for solving problems through the use of technology and is a strong supporter of digitalization as an enabler to grow and sustain diversity in businesses. In 2021, she founded “The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast” with the mission to create engagement and raise awareness on the power of Digitalization to improve Diversity. Through this platform, Adya shares insights, personal stories and digital journeys of diverse people. The podcast has been downloaded in over 50 countries across Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.

Adya has lived and worked in diverse environments in India, France, USA, UK and Germany and traveled to 40+ countries. Today, she calls Bonn (Germany) her home of choice.

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