Digital Resources that helped me grow my podcast

A question I have often been asked is “How do you manage being the host of The ‘Digitalization & Diversity’ Podcast while working full-time?”

The first season of the podcast was launched during the pandemic in June 2021. It was a success with downloads in more than 50+ countries in a span of 6 months. In Feb 2022, I launched the second season to dig deeper on more controversial topics and socio-economic issues that I want to create more awareness about.

I believe sharing content through podcasts is a fantastic way that I thoroughly enjoy. Through this medium, I have met and talked to some amazing people, fostered a community, created engagement, embraced a creative outlet and personally grown a lot.

Some facts about ME as a podcast host:

👉🏻 I podcast as a HOBBY


👉🏻 I create all CONTENT by myself

👉🏻 I use my PERSONAL time for it

👉🏻 I NEVER let it INTERFERE with my DAY job


Any serious hobby of course requires the extra mile in planning and organizing one’s time to keep it enjoyable.

But DIGITAL resources definitely help!!

Here are 6 resources that have helped me to grow my podcast #sharingiscaring

  1. Buffer
    This is my number 1 scheduling tool that helps me create all content (for example on the weekends) and schedule it for launch on different platforms at different dates and times during the week/month. This also means that I don’t have to be on my phone or post content when I am at work and I let the app do it for me.
    I use the free subscription of this AI based digital platform to transcribe the recordings so that I can review the key takeaways from the episode and organize my show notes.
  3. Canva
    I use templates to create podcast media for my Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
  4. HeadlinerVideo
    I create audiograms and sound bytes through this app which I later use for social media and marketing.
  5. Apple GarageBand
    I use the software mainly for recording, editing and production but overall you can do a lot with this suite.
  6. Calendly
    I use this tool to easily schedule slots with the podcast guests and organize my calendar.

There are so many other apps, tools and resources available online that ease podcasting today! I am happy to hear your thoughts 😊

Have digital resources helped you in your hobby? Which tools do you suggest I should check out?

If you haven’t listened to The ‘Digitalization & Diversity’ Podcast yet, head over to Spotify, Apple or Google here.