What is “Digitalization” and “Diversity”

Digitalization and #Diversity are buzzwords!

Often times I have had people come up to me and ask that they have heard me talk about “Digitalization” and “Diversity” and for them these are buzzwords.

What do I actually mean by them?

📌DIGITALIZATION is the leveraging of technologies and digital solutions to create an impact. It is the process of virtualization that all of us are a part of and the pandemic has made that a reality.

📌 DIVERSITY on the other hand is the representation of all the differences that define us to be unique individuals. That can include culture, ethnicity, age, and gender, but also education, mindset and the lived experiences.

These are 2 big imperatives that are being prioritised and redefined:

1️⃣ How to transform #digitally?

2️⃣How to make our environments more #diverse and #inclusive?

The challenge is that these are 2 complex topics that cannot be easily accomplished but the good news is that they can be addressed together.

Digitalization needs diversity as a factor of success, but it CAN be an enabler of greater diversity and inclusion.

❓So HOW does digitalization improve diversity?

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