S1 Ep 1: Blockchain Technology and breaking stereotypes to sustain the diversity movement, with Chaitanya Konda

What is blockchain and cryptography all about? Is the blockchain sector a role model for diversity today? How can we make the diversity movement sustainable? 

In this episode, I talk to Chaitanya Konda to understand the diversity of the niche sector of blockchain. We talk about her journey and how her work on her master thesis led to a full-time career in blockchain, the advantages of being a tech generalist versus a specific technology expert, and how digitalization helps diverse groups of people attain more financial literacy today. 

We discuss the importance of breaking stereotypes in professional lives to make the diversity movement sustainable and how we see different sectors already taking initiatives to become more diverse *Victoria Secret getting rid of its angels*! In the conversation, we also reflect on the boundaries of personal life and digital life, and how we might already be quite digital today!!

Chaitanya is a blockchain and cryptography researcher based out of London. After short stints in Finance and eCommerce, she found her calling in Blockchain Research. If you meet her outside work, you would catch her learning or talking about poker, squash, astrophysics and fashion. 

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