S1 Ep 2: Using digital tools in HR, and improving diversity to create an impact, with Julieta Barrientos

Do Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives create an impact? How can the latest digital trends improve diversity? How can we better interact with diverse age groups?

In this episode, I discuss with Julieta Barrientos the invisible barriers that might exist at the workplace “the glass ceiling effect”, how D&I initiatives have evolved and how they affect the workplace, and how the latest digital trends are creating an inclusive environment. We also talk about the benefits of digitalization in the HR function, and the impact of using different technologies and solutions. We end the conversation with some advice from Julieta for Gen Z who are already entering the workforce on how they can redefine diversity.

Julieta has a background in Business administration with a strong interest in psychology and she been working for 5 years at one of the leading dairy companies in Mexico, with experience in HR transformation and Organizational Development. She is passionate about helping people discover their potential.

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