S1 Ep 5: Diversity in consulting and how diverse mindsets foster digital innovation, with Jiya Chadha

How does digitalization influence diversity in the consulting sector? How can diversity benefit digital innovation? How can we better make use of technology today?

In this episode, I chat with Jiya Chadha to understand the diversity dimensions of the consulting sector. We talk about her journey and how her childhood curiosity led her to pursue a degree in electronics engineering and later move into the consulting sector.

We discuss how digitalization is an inclusive topic and presents a level playing field for those who are curious and strive to be innovative. This also applies to the consulting sector, providing greater flexibility and enabling more opportunities for people with diverse profiles to get into the field. We also discuss how important it is to have diverse teams, with different backgrounds and mindsets to encourage innovation and how we can better harness the value of data and technology today. We end the conversation on some food for thought on how can we better contribute to digital innovation on a personal level.

Jiya has had over six years of experience as a consultant in Accenture with a focus on innovation & supply chain transformation. She is very passionate and intrigued by new innovative ideas and filed an AR based patent in her first year at Accenture. In her free time, Jiya loves travelling, exploring culture and cuisine and understanding the history of each city she visits.

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