S1 Ep 4: Digitalization in the public sector, digital maturity across countries and diversity targets, with Christoph Wegener

How advanced is digitalization in the public sector? Why are some countries more digital than others? Why are diversity targets important?

In this episode, I discuss with Christoph Wegener the digitalization trends within the public sector. We discuss the differences in digital maturity across countries, the importance of diversity in development cooperation, and the initiatives that companies should undertake to improve diversity. 

We also talk about the benefits of implementing diversity-related standards, the impact of gender quotas, and how companies can measure targets. We end the conversation on some reflection on how we can be more diverse and diverse-minded today.

Christoph Wegener currently works in consulting for the public sector in Germany. He has a background in development economics and tourism management, and has lived in the UK, Netherlands, South Africa, Korea and Thailand for study or work. Christoph is excited about new technologies and eager to prepare and strengthen the public sector for smarter and more sustainable concepts.

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