S1 Ep 8: The impact of digital platforms, social media and personal branding on diversity, with Sarona Wolter

What is personal branding? Why is it important today? How do digital platforms improve the inclusion of diverse perspectives? Should you use social media platforms, start a blog or a podcast, or get on one of the TikTok trends?

In S1 Ep 8 of “The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast”, I collaborate with Sarona Wolter, host of “Hypewomen_the podcast” to discuss the impact of different digital platforms and social media on diversity. 

We talk about personal branding, using social media and getting over the Imposter Syndrome when starting out. We discuss how digitalized communication today is affecting the inclusion and participation of different groups, and all the opportunities that are being created for diversity.

We get “real” about the kind of stereotypes and biases that People of Color face, and how do you answer the common question “Where are you from?”!! We talk about how people today can be more aware and conscious of diversity related topics and biases. We end the conversation with inspiration and advice for someone who wants to start out into the digital platform space.

Sarona Wolter is a South African law graduate turned social media strategist. Born out of a need to connect with people from various backgrounds, as well as having to pivot her career and mindset since moving from South Africa to Germany, Sarona developed a gift of communicating with people and became a somewhat ‘accidental’ communications specialist. During the lockdown in 2020, her curiosity and love of connecting with people led her to create a podcast for women called Hypewomen the Podcast. It has since been downloaded in over 70 countries around the world.

Sarona loves creating thought-provoking content in various forms, from blogging to podcasts to social media posts. As a creative content strategist, she tackles topics that connect people around the world.

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