S1 Ep 9: Diversity in fashion, gender-neutral clothing and challenging societal norms, with Stephane Bonutto

What does diversity in fashion mean? Does clothing have gender? How do you empower people to live their true self especially in the corporate work environment? How can you use digital media to educate and inspire?

In S1 Ep 9 of “The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast”, I talk with Stéphane Bonutto, a finance manager at an industrial company, a diversity coach, speaker and a diversity model, about his journey towards embracing gender-neutral clothing.

We discuss his personal story, the events that led him to challenge the societal norms both in his private life and in the work environment, and how he brings his most authentic self to work today.

Stéphane shares the unconscious biases and reactions of people to him and what diversity means to him. We talk about the extent to which diversity needs to be fostered and challenged especially at the workplace when it comes to fashion and clothing. Stéphane had some great ideas on how we can ensure that the work environment is adapted to accept the differences and make space for diversity in all forms.

It was a thought-provoking conversation to learn about how you can use digital media to educate others on important diversity concepts and inspire people to bring their most authentic self everyday.

Stéphane Bonutto was born in Greece from French parents with several European roots (French, Italian, and to a lesser degree Netherlands and Belgian). He grew up in France close to Paris, went to study to Lyon and to Germany, where he started to work. He has lived in Germany for most of his life, but also several years in Switzerland and Italy.

Stéphane is passionate about music, design and style. 

Regarding music, he is fond of classical music and French music. Regarding design, he is passionate about classic cars, especially the Citroën brand. Regarding style, it is clothing. He sees a relation between these 3 areas, since they enable one to express one’s own sensibility, feelings and transport important messages. He relates them through their individuality, avant-garde and elegance.

Stéphane is also passionate about promoting diversity, to empower people to live their true self, in life in general and especially in their work environment.

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