S1 Ep 10: Microaggressions, colorism, and diversity in the cosmetics industry, with Shweta Aggarwal

How diverse is the cosmetics industry? Does digital media fuel colorism? How should one react to microaggressions?

In the finale of Season 1 (Ep 10), I chat with Shweta Aggarwal, an anti-colorism activist, on the issue of colorism globally. Shweta shares her experiences with colorism across the world. We discuss how skin-tone bias can affect opportunities and potentially trigger other unconscious biases. In this episode, we break down microaggressions, how they look and feel, and the need for using more inclusive language in our daily lives.

We dig deeper into the root causes, and further talk about diversity in the cosmetics industry when it comes to producing diverse products. We discuss the change that is needed today, the role of industry in producing more accessible and affordable products, whether digital media is actually fueling colorism, and how digitalization could potentially help the cause.

Shweta is an anti-colorism activist with a colorful life. Born in India, raised in Japan and living in the UK, Shweta also has been blessed to experience a variety of careers, starting with a career in IT to running a Bollywood dance company for more than a decade to now writing a memoir on colorism in India. Shweta is passionate about instigating change in the narrative ‘fair is beautiful’.

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