S1 Ep 3: Digital trends in sales, networking apps and mindful communication, with Risha Malhotra

How have corporate functions like Sales and Marketing evolved with the trend of digitalization? How can we better use digital tools for networking? How can we keep up with Gen Z?

In this episode, I chat with Risha Malhotra to understand the digitization trends within the corporate functions of Sales & Marketing. We talk about her early career and how today she helps companies leverage data analytics effectively. We also talk about her passions from being an artist to setting up her personal brand ‘Mindful Businesswoman’.

We discuss how we can better communicate with diverse age groups, how we can feel more comfortable with data being shared through the use of digital tools and apps, and how we can become more data-driven. We end the conversation on some useful tips on better leveraging networking platforms like LinkedIn and her venture into the digital artwork space.

Risha Malhotra is passionate about mindfulness and living with intention. She currently helps companies use analytics effectively as part of her corporate job at Salesforce. Additionally, Risha is an artist and the focus of her art is to bring inspiration and abundance to the audience through capturing and transforming mindful moments. Her passion for helping people grow has led her to start her own brand – Mindful Businesswoman. Risha also coaches people 1:1 –  if you would like to schedule a call with her on how to bring more mindfulness in your life, then drop her a message on any of the below channels.

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Instagram: mindful_businesswoman ; mindful.artist.official

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Opensea.io (NFT) : https://opensea.io/MindfulArtist

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