S2 Ep 10: FemTech and female health at work, with Nandhini Gopal

How can digitalization and technology be better leveraged in healthcare, especially for women? How can employers support women’s health? What kind of work policies and support systems are needed in professional environments?

The final episode in Season 2 of “The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast” features my very unfiltered conversation with Nandhini Gopal, a top 500 FemTech personality of 2022.

In this episode, we open the dialogue on female health and how to address the topic in the context of professional environments. We talk about how women have learnt or been conditioned to silently navigate female health issues. This could include, for example a pregnancy, a pregnancy loss such as a miscarriage or an abortion, a fertility or hormonal treatment, menopause, or a chronic issue related to female health.

When two women engineers talk,  you can expect facts and figures (and yes, some numbers are shocking). In our conversation, we dig deeper into the data gaps in healthcare analytics for women. We attempt to destigmatize the topic and discuss ways to address female health issues at work and how employers can play their part in this. We talk about ‘menstrual leave policies’, ‘health officers’ and the kind of support systems that are needed today.

Listen and discover how you, regardless of your gender, can personally contribute to the advancement of femtech!

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Disclaimer: The content of this episode refers to ‘women’ as a generic demographic and includes non-binary and trans people in the applicability of insights.


About Nandhini Gopal:

Nandhini is an avid advocate for harnessing the power of technology to further research in female health. She founded Femcy, a femtech company that offers personalized, data based solutions for better menstrual health. Femcy was acquired in 2021 by Eve World, a Web3 based social community platform exclusively for women. 

In her previous avatars, she was a marketing and strategy expert with over 10 years of experience at global technology giants and high-growth consumer start-ups.

Currently, she’s on a sabbatical and practicing minimalism as she prepares to move across the world later this month. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening and reading history.

About Adya Kumar:

Adya is a tech enthusiast, engineer, project manager, and an inhouse consultant for a leading logistics company. She has a passion for solving problems through the use of technology and is a strong supporter of digitalization as an enabler to grow and sustain diversity in businesses. In 2021, she founded “The Digitalization & Diversity Podcast” with the mission to create engagement and raise awareness on the power of Digitalization to improve Diversity. Through this platform, Adya shares insights, personal stories and digital journeys of diverse people. The podcast has been downloaded in over 50 countries across Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts.

Adya has lived and worked in diverse environments in India, France, USA, UK and Germany and traveled to 40+ countries. Today, she calls Bonn (Germany) her home of choice.


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Invisible Women: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41104077-invisible-women

Lies our mothers told us: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/61541273

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